Worlds Famous Opera Singers

Opera is a genre not as known especially by average people. Compared to some years ago, opera, as well as theatrical drama, has attracted smaller audiences. However, opera is among the beautiful experience as it involves human voice skilfully projected to fill up the room communicating romance and drama. For a singer to qualify to sing opera, their voice must be incredible well-trained. However, musicians who used to sing opera sometimes back mastered the singing craft instead.


Below is a list of the best opera singers of all time in history.


Luciano Pavarotti

This man was born in 1935 and died in 2007 was operatic tenor from Italy who with time moved to popular music becoming among the commercially successful tenors. Luciano made many recordings of individual arias and complete operas and gained much fame in the world from his tone quality with 20th century recording him as the finest tenor. Its then he obtained the title ‘The High C’s King.’


Enrico Caruso


He is an Italian born in 1873 and died in the year 1921. He was an operatic tenor. Enrico sang greatly acclaiming at major Americas and Europe opera houses appearing in various roles of French and Italian repertories which ranged from dramatic to just lytic. By his time of death, the worlds Famous Opera Singers had released around 260 recordings between 1902 and 1920 when he was a singer. All these recordings are still available up to date either as digital streams, downloads or on CDs.


Maria Callas


She was born in 1923 and died in 1977 and was from America. She was named as one among the influential and renowned singers of opera genre music in 201st century. Most people praised the dramatic interpretations, wide-ranging voice and bel-canto technique which she displayed each time during her presentation. The repertoire ranged between bel canto of Rossini, Eleni, Donizetti to opera seria classical to Puccini and Verdi works. At the start of her career as a singer, she used to do Wagner dramas. It is her dramatic and musical talents that resulted in her called La Divina. Although she was born in NY City, her mother anticipated for a boy but she schooled for her career in music from Greece and later established that career farr in Italy.


Placido Domingo


Placido was a Spanish born in 1941 and he is an arts administrator, conductor and Spanish tenor. By now, he has a record of 100 plus complete operas and has become popularly known for the regular performances he performs in Russian, English, Spanish, German, French and Italian, his versatility as well which he displays in the performance s in prestigious world opera houses. Primarily, Placido performed Lirico-spinto with much popularity on his Cani, Don Jose, Hoffman and Cavaradossi, he moved from his to dramatic roles which have led him to become Otello of the generation he leads.


In 2010, Placido transitioned to baritone parts from the famous tenor repertory and he moved mostly to Simon Boccanegra. Domingo so far has performed hundred and forty-nine varied roles. He started his career on opera music back in 1957 and has made great success since then. Artists today can now take benefit from the advantages of social media and networking.