What Are The Benefits Of Creating Your Own Marketing Funnel

Anyone that’s made real money online has done it with a marketing funnel of some sort, a funnel that takes your traffic and turns them into leads and finally sales. The problem most marketers run into is piecing together their own profitable funnel that can turn their traffic into leads and ultimately commissions. In this article you’re going to learn every part of a high converting funnel that will turn traffic into dollars. Let’s get started..

It All Starts With Traffic –

Without traffic it doesn’t matter how great your funnel converts because you wont have anybody seeing your offer. It would be easy if all we needed was traffic, though. Any old traffic isn’t going to make the best funnel convert visitors into dollars. We need highly targeted traffic that is interested in what we have to offer. For example, this website helps people understand the power of marketing in it’s classical form so targeted traffic for us is people into online marketing, email marketing, social marketing, and the likes.

The funnel breakdown –marketing funnels

There are different levels to every single funnel and it all starts with the traffic that gets turned into a lead. This is usually done by using some form of email capture form or membership sign up form that will capture your new leads details and store them in a database. This is your email list and it’s an important part of your business.

Once the traffic is converted into a lead, they’ve raised their hand and said they are interested in what you have to offer. This is when they get send to your front end offer which is the introductory offer for business. Depending on the niche you may want to make this a low priced intro offer that gets people to pull out their card and purchase your product.

If the customer purchases the front end offer you should have multiple upsells that include a recurring payment and a high ticket offer as well. This allows you to increase your commissions instantly from the same buyers that already purchased your front end. If somebody purchases the front and and says no to the upsell offer they will be taken to the recurring offer.

The last step is turning those customers who purchased the upsells into high ticket clients that pay $1k or more for your product or services. You’ll need to have a highly valuable offer to get people into your high ticket offers but if you have knowledge in a specific niche you can easily monetize that knowledge by selling it back to your audience.

Email Follow Ups –

This is crucial to your success because many people wont purchase the first time they see your front end offer. Create a follow up email sequence that pushes people back to your offer so you can generate as many sales as possible. For those people who do say yes and purchase the front end, you need to have a follow up sequence in place for buyers that pushed them back to the upsells and your high ticket offer.

By adding each peice of this concept into your own funnel you can ensure higher quality results and more conversions from your traffic. Stop wasting your hard work and start making the most of your targeted traffic generating by creating a high converting marketing funnel today.


A Few Ways To Craft a High Converting Welcome Email

The most opened and one of the most important emails that you will ever send out is your welcome email. The welcome email allows you to convert you traffic and leads into paying customers and it does a job of it when you can get the open rates of that email up to 50% or more. In this article you’re going to learn how you can craft the perfect welcome email that incites your customer not only to open, but to buy the products and services that you’re offering.

As an important note, you need to be testing everything that you’re doing online and this is true for the welcome email. If you can boost your welcome email open rate from 20% to 30% or more that means more eyes on your products and services and ultimately, more customers for your business.

Be Yourself –

Nobody wants to be sold to so just try to be yourself. If you’re representing a corporation you can still make your email personable and friendly. Take Fiverr for example.. Their welcome email is friendly and has a call to action that tells the customer to ‘check out the gigs’ which pushes the customer right back to Fiverr.


Limit The Blah –

What I mean by blah is all the text and BS. you don’t need to crowd your entire email with millions of words, especially if you want your customer to take one simple action. Introduce yourself or your company and then have a nice big call to action button that pushes that new lead right back into your funnel. By limiting the amount of text on your introduction email you’re going to get more click through and potentially more conversions on your products and services.

Give Discounts –

Another way to increase email conversions through the welcome email is to offer a free bonus or discount once the person signs up. Anik Singal, a well known email marketing millionaire uses this technique inside of his welcome emails to generate instant buyers leads and increase the return on investment from paid traffic, a technique that he’s apparently teaching inside his Publish Academy training course.

Personalize The Intro¬† –

If you grabbing more information from your subscribers than just the email input then you can use the name or even phone number form to get more people to open your email. Remember, when people don’t open your email you’re losing traffic that could have spent money but didn’t. Instead of wasting your welcome email simply use their name to call them to action in the subject line or even inside the email. For example, you could have a subject line that says “Hey, is this your number – 999-999-9889.”

The most important part of all of this is testing what is working and what’s not working. If you’re setting and forgetting your welcome email your losing money and you don’t want to do that. Start testing different lines and see how it goes. Then tweak it more to increase conversions and click troughs even further.

How To Use Social Media To Boost Your Engagement Online

When you’re starting your social media campaign there are a number of tools that are available for free that will increase engagement from your audience quickly and easily. In this article I want to cover this classical marketing strategy that you can start using today to drive more targeted leads into your business through social media marketing. By focusing on the outcome, or what we’re covering here (social media reports) you can see the results from your campaigns in seconds and boost results just as fast.ganalyics

If you’re using Facebook for your social media then you need to take advantage of the integrated insights feature that will give you a comprehensive breakdown of your engagement. Simply go to the “people” tab and you can start checking out stats on your fans that are hitting your page. This is another great way to figure out who is coming to your page as far as demographics. You’re able to see the age, gender, and much more about your visitors and this allows you to position your posts for your specific audience.

Google Analytics –

Google is always a great place to turn when it comes to..Well, anything online. It’s true for Google Analytics as well! Anyone trying to pull demographic and specialized targeting information about your audience can use it for free. All you need to do is login and hit the menu tab, look for the audience section and start digging around. There is a ton of helpful tools integrated into Analytics but simply add a segment, pick your traffic source and your ready to get started.

Another important aspect to really knowing and understanding your audience is the language that your audience speaks. Google even allows you to pull such information so you can pinpoint your audience even further and craft your message to match.

What Time of Day..

Another important aspect of your social campaign is the time of day that you post to get the most in interaction. As you probably know, success of your engagement is based on a number of factors including comments, likes and shares on your Facebook posts and same is true for other social networks. That means by focusing your energy and posting on those specific times of day that get the most engagement you’re going to increase your chance of getting more views and engaging your audience further.

It’s important to keep in mind that every audiences want to find success with your campaign staying to have your message match the audience that you’re targeting. To use the tools mentioned above to increase your user engagement and find out exactly what you’re speaking to see him make the most of your social media campaigns.